Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Who Needs Experience?

It seems that senior meditation teachers within the Triratna Buddhist Community are being sat on for teaching from their own experience. Sangharakshita is not known for being a meditator, being more at home with his head in a book. Yet his emphasis on bhavana, on Will if you like, prevails.

A number of those who, unlike Sangharakshita, have actually practised meditation for years have been moving towards formless meditation.This, it seems to us, is a natural progression within any spiritual discipline. You begin by practising a method, and then you let go of it; you find your own way in, you follow the creative aspect of your own mind. Form, useful at the start, becomes an imposition.

A teacher worth his salt knows this, and encourages his pupils to make their own discoveries and connections. Otherwise what you have is religion, a bunch of people who never leave spiritual primary school.

Sangharakshita’s enforcer is his head disciple, Subhuti, who recently wrote to one meditation teacher, accusing him of being the cause of a lot of confusion within the TBC for not sticking to Sangharakshita’s system. Like Sangharakshita, Subhuti is not much of a meditator either. But when you’ve got a position of power and influence, who needs experience?

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