Thursday, 22 July 2010

Of Luskentyrians and other Far-Out Religions

In Iain Banks’ novel Whit, we encounter the Luskentyrians, a wacky religious cult based in Scotland and dining on dishes such as haggis pakora. Disciples are expected to carry a sitting board when travelling, in order to avoid pollution.

Well here’s another one, except it was real. FWBO news suggested last December that a Sangharakshita ringtone would make an ideal Christmas present. You can imagine it: that high, precise monotone announcing “When I was in Kalimpong….” Unfortunately, FWBO News only displays recent items, so you may think we have made it up. We kid you not. What will they suggest this year to top that one? Sangharakshita intoning je t'aime! moi non plus, with special sound effects from Brad Pitt?

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